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Today, financial institutions face some of the most exciting and challenging times. As technology advances, behaviours change and emerging markets provide growth, there are several opportunities for the financial industry to feel confident about. However, performance and profitability are commonly hindered due to decades of legacy solutions that have become complex and inefficient for today’s market and consumers.
Rise above the rest with Phoenix International core banking platform, built with Microsoft technology, which adopts an enterprise scale approach. It integrates with the existing infrastructure, making the once complicated, simple. At the heart of Phoenix International core banking software, is a high-performance transaction processing and account servicing engine that takes full advantage of a unified platform. The open architecture on which the Phoenix International database is built, securely affords open and easy access to customer and account data.
Uniquely, Phoenix International houses non-core modules like Teller, Collections, Relationship Pricing and Card Management all in one place. This approach ensures consistent customer information is available throughout the entire business and allows you to build in-depth customer profiles beyond industry standard. It uses Microsoft technologies throughout every tier of the architecture, from the development environment to the user experience, integration to the database and server operating system. With the extension of Phoenix International to omni channel solutions from MC Systems and strategic partnerships, channel transformation is affordable and will continue to provide cost savings throughout the business over time, whilst improving operational efficiency and service. Transformation has been simplified. Phoenix International gives you the opportunity to rise above the competition, digitally transform your business and deliver superior customer service, at an affordable price with superior support. Futureproofing your success has never been simpler.


A digital loan origination solution is now included in our lineup of banking solutions.
Through our partnership with digital lending platform, LoanCirrus, you can now integrate a fully automated and time-saving lending process.

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Core banking solutions can help microfinance institutions carry out lending effectively. By partnering with Phoenix International, you can increase the capacity of customers to interact with your institution and start transactions from anywhere. This allows your microfinance institution to improve your general ledger, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) management processes. This ripple effect will give your business a  competitive advantage for boosting customer loyalty and retention.